I am Polish artist living in Dublin.  I graduated philosophy and psychology as a pursuit of two major themes that can be identified in my works: the human condition and experience of fear.  I am captivated by the expressive power of black and white imagery.  My style is influenced by the eerie artworks of Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, intricate lines of Chris Riddell or art of the Great Masters such as Francisco Goya, Honore Daumier, Kathe Kollwitz.  At the same time, I recognise often utterly decorative nature of everyday experiences such as cats observing birds, beauty of sea creatures etc. Recently, I started to explore printmaking as a new venue for my ideas.



Ranelagh Art Festival, Dublin, group exhibition.


First Fortnight, Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin, group exhibition.

Nosce te ipsum/ Know Thyself, The Bernard Shaw, Dublin, solo exhibition.

In the Particular is Contained the Universal, The Mill Theatre, Dublin, group exhibition.


HeadSpace, Mental Hsealth Magazine, May, Issue 1.

Circulation, Black Church Print Studio, Monster Truck Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin, group exhibition.

Up the Yard,  Stoneybatter Guild, Dublin, group exhibition. 

The Outsider Art, The Doorway Gallery, Dublin, group exhibition.


Up the yard, Stoneybatter Guild, Dublin, group exhibition.


Collaborations 2015, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, group exhibition.

Homelessness Awareness Art Exhibition, DCU, Dublin, group exhibition.

Ma Tapsin Roti by Dan Brooklyn, book cover, Estonia.

Goreyesque. Halloween Issue, Chicago-based Online Literary Journal.


Children of the Stale Chocolate”by Andrew Keogh, illustrations, Dublin Art Book Fair.

Agnieszka Bloch